Trendy Threads with Family Ties
It all started with a desire for connection and style when expressing love for
the important children in our lives through fashion. Finding a stylish set to
match with your kids is hard to come by—that’s why we’re here.
Milk n Babble’s collection of passionately designed pieces are made to give
parents and adults the chance to bond with their children in a wearable way.
With trendy coordinated sets for children and adults alike, you can wear your
heart on matching sleeves and look good doing it.
Meet the Founder—Nicola
Nicola from Milknbabble
Nicola is a talented, creative soul with roots set in Vancouver Canada. In 2016
Nicola gave birth to her first child and ever since then she knew she wanted
to celebrate their connection through clothing they could wear with style and
pride. Nicola saw a clear gap in the fashion industry when it came to
matching sets for adults and children and took to hand-illustrating and
printing her own designs. After her second child was born, so was her
assurance that she was right where she needed to be and took to creating an
ecommerce store to share the love with other families. 
Our Philosophy
We are made by moms, for moms. We know that being a parent isn’t always
the easiest job. Mothers and fathers alike often put their child’s needs before
their own, leaving little time for themselves. At Milk n Babble, we hope to
celebrate parents for the heroes they are while making “what to wear” one
less complicated decision.